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  • The Game Before the Game - Video Case Study
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Piece #1 - The Game Before the Game - Video Case Study

AME Gold Medallion
The Game Before the Game
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Talent Credits

  1. Hussam Moro - Chief Creative Director
  2. Ahmed ElKeiy - Executive Creative Director
  3. Mohamed Fathi - Creative Director
  4. Hend Ghorab - Strategic Planner
  5. Roni Chamcham - Managing Director
  6. Aida Nassar - Business Unit Director
  7. Jad El Rabahi - Regional Account Director
  8. Amira Abdelnabi - Account Manager
  9. Hamza Abdel Monem - Account Executive
  10. Kamel Basha - Senior Art Director
  11. Ahmed Hani - Senior Copywriter

Campaign Summary

This is the story of how Chipsy turned supermarket aisles into a casino floor. Lays (AKA Chipsy in Egypt) is the world’s biggest potato chip brand. And the UEFA champions league is the world’s biggest football league. A partnership only made sense. But in Egypt only 11% of Chipsy’s target audience followed it. So how was Chipsy going to get the other 89% to care? So through consumer research, we discovered that the most common activity consumers do while watching football is predicting the score; a territory no brand tapped into. But there is a reason why: sports betting is illegal in Egypt, but buying two bags of Chipsy isn’t. Overnight our bag of potato chips became Egypt’s first sports betting medium. How? The mechanics were simple. Buy a pack with a ‘number of goals’ prediction (For instance if the pack had a (6), and the final score of the game was 4-2, 3-3, 5-1, or even 6-0; the consumer won). Then send a photo of the pack online. The simplicity of the engagement not only made it appeal to masses, but made anyone regardless of being a UEFA expert or just someone who likes to predict the score, instantly have an equal chance of winning. Chipsy also launched a series of humorous copies that showed both football experts (commentators, players, etc) predicting correctly but so were non-football experts (e.g. hipsters, high society women, etc); emphasizing on the fact that ANYONE can predict the correct score regardless of their knowledge of UEFA. Within a month, Chipsy regained the market share it had previously lost, had a 24% increase in consumption, increased sales by 14.6%. Additionally, it increased ‘Brand I Love’ KPI by +6 and “Interesting Brand” by +5. As for digital, we got over 63M impressions, and on Instagram had over 155,000 interactions. Through mere packaging design, we got the entire nation talking and engaging with a league they didn't care for much. And best of all we changed the game!



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