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Piece #1 - #staynegatHIVe Case Video

Dentsu Jayme Syfu
AME Gold Medallion
Love Yourself
social benefit
civic / social education

Talent Credits

  1. Merlee Jayme - Chief Creative Officer
  2. Louie Sotto - Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
  3. Biboy Royong - Creative Director/Art Director
  4. Therese Liboro - Copywriter
  5. Cesca Veneracion - Art Director
  6. Dominique de Leon - Digital Producer
  7. Diday Alcudia - Chief Strategic Planner
  8. Alex Syfu - Managing Partner and Chief Client Officer
  9. Gabbie Santiago - Group Account Director
  10. JR Ignacio - Chief Technologist
  11. Archie Gelonga - Technologist
  12. Tabbi Tomas - Social Media Manager

Campaign Summary

In just 6 years, HIV cases in the Philippines grew by a whopping 1038%, leading the World Health Organization to identify it as having the fastest growing AIDS epidemic in the world. The problem: people weren’t getting themselves tested. But HIV can be part of anyone’s story. In 2015, Love Yourself, a small non-profit organization which offers free testing, sought to get this message across. How? Though majority of Filipinos ignored HIV, there was one thing people couldn’t ignore online: TYPOS. The campaign was launched in Rappler.com, the country’s most popular news site known for its accuracy in news and grammar. With a simple script, the most popular articles and sites were infected. An “H” was added to any word with the letters “IV”, or a “V” to any letter sequence of “HI” creating typos reading “HIV”. As readers scrolled to comment about the typos, the message hit them - HIV could be part of anyone’s story. In less than a week, the campaign garnered over 50 million impressions and $500,000 in earned media. Most importantly, Love Yourself reported a 60% rise in the number of people tested, making 2015 the year with the highest testing rate in its history.



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