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Piece #1 - Case Film

DDB Group Germany
AME Gold Medallion
Pink Ribbon Germany
Check it before it´s removed: Naked breasts against breast cancer.
use of discipline
low-budget (<$100,000USD)

Talent Credits

  1. Myles Lord - Creative Managing Director
  2. Kathrin Jesse - Planning Director
  3. Lilli Langenheim - Senior Art Director
  4. Edward Sedelius - Senior Copy Writer
  5. Eric Schoeffler - Chief Creative Officer
  6. Tom Hauser - Executive Creative Director
  7. Nina Rieke - Chief Strategie Officer
  8. Isabella Jorgensen - Junior Art Director
  9. David Barton - Client Service Director
  10. Tom Hormann - Junior Planner
  11. Hannes Caspar - Photographer

Campaign Summary

Breast cancer amongst young women goes undetected far too often despite the fact that early diagnosis and treatment are keys to fight and beat the malicious disease. In Germany alone, 70.000 girls and women develop breast cancer every year. Pink Ribbon’s mission is to raise awareness amongst young women to check their breasts regularly in order to detect anomalies as early as possible. “CHECK IT BEFORE IT’S REMOVED” nailed this message and woke Germany up on International Women’s Day 2016. For the campaign, 17 courageous German women were photographed with one of their breasts exposed. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, these pictures were then posted to Facebook and Instagram with the statement: CHECK IT BEFORE IT’S REMOVED. Because of Facebook and Instagram’s strict censorship policy against showing female nipples, each post was accompanied with text that encouraged the public to quickly re-share the photo before it would be censored and removed from social media. As a result, Pink Ribbon breast cancer awareness message occupied International Women’s Day. While the photos continued to be removed from social media, the chatter regarding the campaign continued to grow. In only one day, the campaign generated 29 million media contacts and the equivalent of €2.2 million in earned media with a total media spend of €0.



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