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  • Dirty Water Color Case Study Video
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Piece #1 - Dirty Water Color Case Study Video

TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno
AME Green Award
ABS CBN Foundation
Dirty Watercolor
social benefit
environmental issues

Talent Credits

  1. Melvin Mangada - Chief Creative Officer
  2. Bryan Siy - Creative Director/Copywriter
  3. Portia Catuira - Managing Director
  4. John Ed Devera - Art Director
  5. Nikko Pascua - Art Director
  6. Marishka David - Business Unit Director
  7. Kevin GabonEmilie Batard - Directors
  8. Dennis Carlos - Print Producer
  9. Luigi Villamar - Visualiser
  10. Alek Dela CruzDenise JoseSunny Lucero - Agency Producers
  11. Tom Perdigon/ Romar Quiroz - Final Artists

Campaign Summary

To raise awareness for Manila’s polluted rivers and tributaries, we collaborated with artists to produce artworks. The artists used Dirty Water Color, unique pigments created using water samples from Manila’s most polluted rivers. The samples were processed in a laboratory, decontaminated through autoclave and concentrated to produce colors like black, sepia, burnt sienna, gray and brown. These pigments were used to paint portraits of children and families living along the dead rivers. ABS CBN Foundation presented the artworks in an exhibit that ran from May 25-27, attracting hundreds of visitors including the country's top business leaders, artists, politicians, diplomats and patrons of the arts. All the artworks were sold, raising more than ₱1.3 Million. The exhibit was featured in over a hundred websites, news programs and blogs around the world, including core77, Le Monde, BBC, Huffington Post, TrendHunter, Yahoo News and Reuters. The exhibit also inspired others countries facing similar issues to take action like Russia. Without paid media support, the campaign generated 3.3 M views and 2.4 B potential reach within the 1-week campaign period amounting to ₱6.1 M in media values



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