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Coloribus is a thoroughly collected and daily updated Creative Advertising & Commercials Archive with more than 2000000 ads, prints and promo videos by leading brands and agencies. This highly structured database containing information about brands, agencies, people involved, awards and other very relevant data, combined with advanced full-text search engine makes Сoloribus a perfect tool for educating customers, benchmarking, researching, or any other marketing & advertising professional tasks involving comprehensive data mining and arranging.


AdForum is the leading information provider focused on the global advertising industry. Partnered with the leading trade press worldwide, but also with the industry's top award shows, gathers information on 20,000 agencies and 150,000 campaigns (TV, print, interactive, etc.). AdForum's Agency Gallery is used by advertisers, large and small, in the process of selecting a new agency or for other agency research needs.



SoDA is the primary multinational organization focused solely on leading and representing top digital agencies and elite production companies through unparalleled collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration of how technology can be leveraged to transform consumer experiences. SoDA provides infrastructure, processes and products to enable knowledge sharing between members around best practices, making our members businesses more successful and sharing portions of that output with the broader industry.



Adspur is an online calendar of advertising award shows which allows ad agencies and creatives to selectively follow shows and keep track of dates easily. Adspur's asset management system focuses primarily on streamlining the submission ofwork from agencies into creative and advertising festivals worldwide. Subscribers can follow national, regional and global advertising award shows, download and sync their online calendar.



ProductionHUB is the global network of local crew & vendors, for all your production needs — from corporate media and live events to film, television, digital media, and everything in between. We reduce the headaches and uncertainty associated with hiring in this extremely specialized industry by connecting you to the best vetted, professional content creators and vendors to bring your project to life. For nearly 20 years, ProductionHUB has been a B2B resource for professionals behind-the-scenes in media & entertainment; but now with the popularity of high-quality video, thousands of businesses, agencies and studios rely on us as their video staffing & procurement partner.

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